2008:Romania, Moldova.Cluj Napoca, with its pretty streets and easy going atmosphere, is a nice introduction to Transylvania. After a brief wander and a much needed nights sleep i got the train to Sighisoara. This is a medieval town famous as the birthplace of Vlad Tepes, aka, Vlad Dracul, aka, Dracula! Although the real life character was no vampire the real dude is famed for impaling his victims with a wooden skewer up the anus and out near the shoulder blade in such a manner that it did not puncture any major organs and so the victim did not die straight away but perished in the most agonizing slow manner imaginable. So many people were killed this way and he is known to have had mass impalings on a hilltop as he ate his breakfast. Nice guy! Now he has a novelty tourist castle which has nothing to do with him (the real him i mean), the building he was born in is now an expensive restaurant and there is much unnecessary kitsch applied to his name (the fictional him i mean!). The old streets of the town are colourful, topsy turvy and multi angular, though with quite a few more 'historic monument' signs and more restoration than a few years ago. >>